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Shipment all over the world
By rail and by sea
25—30 days, Incoterms CFR
By rail to Vladivostok, then by sea to a port of destination
By sea
From 38 days, Incoterms CFR/CIF
Via St. Petersburg or another European port
Road carriage
7—10 days, Incoterms CPT
Express delivery
3—5 days
We can deliver you samples of 1 to 5 types of leather in a way convenient for you
Delivery of trial consignment
Express delivery is possible for trial consignments of 50 m2+ and last-minute orders
Delivery to a required region
You can choose any region of the country for products delivery all over Russia, CIS and Baltic countries
Air delivery
Special air delivery is avaliable for any place in the world.